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12 responses to “CONTACT

  1. Congrats on the new blog, Raquel! I love it! The turkey kebab post, in particular, spoke to me as my sweet Sam has stopped being an omnivore over the past week and is subsisting primarily on avocados and bananas. Why, oh why?!

    • Ha! That’s so funny. He must be needing some serious potassium!!! Rhys could eat 10 servings of guacamole if a bowl is placed in front of him. Have you ever tried avocado ice cream?? Someone was telling me about a vegan avocado-coconut ice cream recipe….

  2. Awesome blog, Raquel! Way to go!

  3. Stephanie Alleyne

    congrats, raq, this is great! i could read your writing all day long, and in fact, will be as we’re up in mass for aug while i recover from wrist surgery. best of luck and see you in bk in sept.


  4. Ora Simcha -Fagan Ph.D

    Hi Raquel,
    Reading your writing is not about merely adding some interesting recipes,but like attending some of the best classes since one picks up so much in terms of technique.
    By he way what about these melon salads Micki is raving about.
    Best wishes Ora

  5. Love your writing style! and the recipes sound WONDERFUL!

  6. Jonathan Imes

    Great blog, Raq. Lots of great recipes & ideas. I think of you with each issue of CI that I receive. I’m Jonathan Imes, we met in Madeline Kamman’s seminar in Providence back in 2000. Also, congrats on the Beard nomination!

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