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Saving Money and Feeling Organized Takes 10 Minutes

Hands down, the question I am asked the most by friends is how I organize and plan out a week of meals. Whether you’re a parent or not, planning a week of meals ahead saves money, time, and is a ton healthier than calling for takeout when it’s 6pm and you have no idea what to make for dinner. Elizabeth Larkin @AboutOrganizing interviewed me for her blog and put together a  column that highlights how I think about the week to come. Here’s the link–let me know your thoughts and please share your tips on how you plan for the week ahead at your house!

And yes, that’s my fridge. On Fridays I always take stock of the fridge (and freezer) and figure out what needs to be eaten up over the weekend, and what can wait until Monday/Tuesday. It also helps me figure out the week to come: what staples do I need (whole milk, veggies, protein, etc.)  Here’s what I need to use up in the next few days:

  • leftover mushroom couscous (would it be weird to add this to an omelet? Oh, I also have that baby spinach in the fridge. That could work nicely.)
  • asparagus (I put it in the door front and center to remind myself to use it asap!)
  • leftover Indian cabbage (maybe I’ll make some spiced rice and lentil dal on Sunday)
  • leftover roasted pepper-cream sauce (this with the  boneless chicken thighs I have in the freezer plus roasted asparagus is a killer meal–I might do that for Saturday since that asparagus needs to be used pronto)
  • ham hock soup (last night I went to two fantastic film screenings: The Color Wheel and Girl Walk All Day. Since I knew it would be a busy exit strategy what with the sitter coming by 6pm, I sauteed some delicious pork sausage from Greene Grape Provisions and tossed with pasta and the soup for an easy sauce; might cook rice in leftover soup component for a delicious pilaf-y/biryani/risotto-esque meal)


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