Gilt Taste- Have a (Celery) Heart–and Some Leaves, too

Cook’s Illustrated – Easy Homemade Chocolate Truffles

Cook’s Illustrated – Pasta with Broccoli Rabe

Fine Cooking – The New One Pot DinnerHugh Acheson, Koren Grieveson, Sara Jenkins, Suzanne Goin, Zak Pelaccio

Fine Cooking- A New Look at Chili / Tim Love, Donald Link, Ana Sortun, Alex Guarnaschelli–A Working Mom’s Weekly Meal Plan

Wall Street Journal- How to Kill a Lobster / Eric Ripert, Jasper White

Wall Street Journal- Taking your Grill Upscale/ Govind Armstrong

Wall Street Journal- Spring’s Healthy Start / David Bouley

Wall Street Journal- Unfried Green Tomatoes / Scott Peacock

Wall Street Journal- Pizza, Hot from the Grill / Johanne Killeen, George Germon

Saveur – A Place at the Table

Saveur- Belly Pulpit

Edible Manhattan – Foraging a Fetid Delicacy/ Matt Weingarten

Edible Manhattan- When Cupcakes Grow Up/ François Payard

Edible Manhattan – We are Family / David Waltuck

Edible Manhattan – What Zagat Begat / Tim and Nina Zagat

Country Home- Goats, Guests, and Glorious Food/ Consider Bardwell Farm

Country Home- Surprising Salads

Country Living- The Country Living Grilling Guide

Country Living – Cover Recipe Nectarine Blueberry Pie/ Recipe

Intermezzo Magazine- Exploring Tahiti: French Polynesia’s Black Gold

Intermezzo Magazine – Parmigiano-Reggiano, King of Cheese

Intermezzo Magazine – Turn, A Gilt Trip Through Lavish Cafes

Intermezzo Magazine – Technique: Chocolate Soufflé

CITY Magazine- A New Chord- The Florida Keys

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